Youth ministries are environments where students can mature in their faith. Some students are ready for the next step, but our youth ministry may not have the opportunities they need. Happily, we’re part of God’s greater kingdom and he has more opportunities than we could imagine.

A few years ago, CBOQ established an exchange with our friends at CBAC. The intent is to send groups of young adults to the other’s regional event to learn and experience things God is doing a) that are unique to their region (by not seeing it in the other region) and b) and what could be transferred back to their home context. Over the years, there’s been a wealth of learning from all participants. (We have a team of 3 heading to CBAC’s new One Conference this weekend.)

These exchanges can also happen between local churches (think of it as an informal co-op arrangement). One church could send a young adult to another church for a few months to experience faith and ministry in a different context so they can bring those new learnings back to their home church. We developed a “memo of understanding” template at for churches interested in partnering in these kinds of opportunities.

Our individual ministries can’t always provide the opportunities for all our students. Together, we can help strengthen and sharpen this upcoming generation as God shapes them in his kingdom expansion.