This is my (Alvin’s) 14th Assembly. The structure and program has changed over the years. But something remains the same (at least it has for the last 14 years): a sense of the Spirit gathering others together for Him. There have been years where it hasn’t really felt as such.

There are faces that I see maybe once a year. But each time, it’s as if it was only yesterday. Assembly is a reflection of what God’s kingdom will look like: a gathering of different peoples from an array of diversity (whether ethnic, economic, geographic or even theological) coming to glorify, be inspired by and challenged by the one true God.

Our theme was “Signposts”, seeing how God is moving His church. As we leave Assembly, it is my prayer that our eyes would see the signs and directions God wants us to move, whether individually, collectively in our local churches or as a CBOQ family.