This past weekend, over 500 people from our family of CBOQ churches gathered in Toronto. This annual Assembly is our “family reunion”  and our theme this year was “Growing Up Together”.

Indeed, we are all growing up together. Friends renewed acquaintances. Believers celebrated and worshipped God with one voice. Our presenters and speakers each challenged us with ways that we can grow together (from the various ministries to church operations to theological understandings). Sometimes we agreed; other times we didn’t.

On the youth and family side, our focus was “transitions”. This included the release of our new “Transitions” document. Throughout the weekend, we had conversations about how churches can work through the various ages and stages with effectiveness. We recognize these conversations won’t (and shouldn’t) stop there; they will continue as we all seek ways to help the upcoming generation form their faith.

Personally, this was my (Alvin’s) fifteenth Assembly. While some of our programs have changed, and some people have come and gone, this is indeed a family reunion. We don’t usually have opportunities to meet throughout the year. For a few days we got to catch up, discuss, share and challenge. Then we headed back to our own home contexts, seeking God’s continued direction individually and collectively.

God’s blessing to our Assembly delegates as they return home, helping one another in “Growing Up Together”.