It’s been almost 2 weeks since Avalanche finished. But the impact of Avalanche hasn’t faded. Over 560 students and leaders gathered at Muskoka Woods, to see how Jesus might intercept their lives.

Our speaker Heather Flies challenged students with the gospel in a way that made sense to them. She left them with these five challenges:

  • What distractions need to be removed?
  • Who will you connect with so that “iron sharpens iron”?
  • How will you bring yourself under Biblical teaching?
  • What are ways you can fill your day and life with worship?
  • Who are Godly people you can surround yourself with?

Here are some “soundbites” we go from leaders:

“It means so much for us smaller churches to bring a couple (or even one) student to a place where they can see hundreds of students worshipping God. I think it is so important for them to know that they belong to a Kingdom that is so much bigger than our local church”

“I think it was greatly impactful and the topics discussed were greatly relevant. Heather did a great job to engage the youth. I was able to have some great spiritual conversations with my girls.”

“Heather was relatable and believed in the significant capabilities of middle school students. Ask something significant of students and get something significant out of them. The most captivating was the Saturday night message with the “Who moved” and the cross description. Also a huge benefit was the 5 things we got from the retreat that we can take back with us. That was really helpful.”

“We had a mixed group of kids from our church and outside. Some that go often, and some that don’t go much if at all. It was very cool to see them mingle well with each other and really think about the things that Heather talked about. Some of them got to think deeper and engaged their beliefs more”

We are encouraged that many took their next step towards Jesus. We trust God, through their group leaders and other Godly family members, will continue to walk with them towards Jesus.

And now, we await the Blizzard (2 of them).
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