Last weekend, we hosted our 19th Avalanche retreat (if you include the first jr. high retreat that happened at the same time as Blizzard in 2001). While the temperatures were very cold (possibly the coldest Avalanche we’ve had), God continued to move in mighty ways.

The cold temperatures altered some of our plans. We managed to play our team competition game in the gym with over 550 students and leaders. While some of our afternoon electives had to be cancelled, there was plenty of fun both outside and indoors.

In the Hangar, Alex Street led us through a series of chapters from his own life story and Luke’s accounts of Jesus. Everyone had an opportunity to respond to Jesus’ invitation to come to his table. On Sunday morning, we celebrated with balloons, noise makers and worship.

Some leaders offered these insights:

It was really great to have the students hear the stories of Jesus and the bible acted out and teased out. So that they could see that faith is more than religion and church. I think too it was powerful for them to see that faith is alive and something to celebrate. And that we’re all in this together.

Loved having the opportunity to worship God with the students and to have deeper discussions as a small group. Shared experiences of activities and cabin time brings the girls closer as a group and also us as leaders closer to the students.

“Never thought about God before but I want to be at the table”.

This weekend definitely served as a catalyst for continued conversations with our youth about their faith, and where they are at on their journey.

We are grateful that God continues to invite people to his table and pray for these students and the leaders who will journey with them in the coming months.