Every retreat weekend brings a combination of challenges and celebrations. This weekend was no exception. But those challenges did not become insurmountable obstacles. Rather, they became a rallying point for many to dig deeper into who God is.

The key to God’s message this weekend was the framing of the message of salvation. Essentially, it isn’t something to just grasp for ourselves, but understanding that his salvation for us must lead to his extension of love and grace to others as we join God in his mission of redeeming all creation. Through Danielle Strickland and Life Support, students and leaders focused on that challenge, and whether they were ready to make that decision.

Memories weren’t just created in the Hangar. They were made through small group discussions, crazy team competition games like Human Bowling (check out the YouTube video) or just relaxing with friends.

Our theme was “Connected: Created to Belong”. For many, that connection with God and their community took one significant step forward.