We have now hosted 50 Avalanche/Blizzard retreats. Let’s call this “The Golden Blizzard”. With over 300 students and leaders at Muskoka Woods, many memories and spiritual steps were taken this past weekend.

Derek Selinger led students through the understanding of hope, juxtaposing it against despair and understanding why Jesus is the greatest hope. Throughout the weekend, we heard numerous students seriously consider what this means in their lives. Some took that first step in faith; others made other significant movements such as commitment to baptism.

I am proud of our team, not just this weekend, but all 3 weekends. Our primary intention was to create a space for students and leaders to encounter Jesus, perhaps in a way different than they’re used to. It’s our continued prayer that each person who came (student, leader, staff) will pursue Jesus as their greatest hope and reveal him to those around them.