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16 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: Travel Home

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1:14 am - The team is in Terminal 3, reunited with families. 9:14 pm - Flight just took off. 12:33 am arrival. 7:33 pm - In Miami awaiting customs. 1:09 pm - In line for customs at Santo Domingo

16 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 15

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The following two blog posts are from Matt and Jared (Stanley Park Baptist Church). There were many things today that had spoken to me. Today was the last full day of work and the last day to help make a difference in the DR. As a result, it made me want to work my hardest and put all my energy into the work I was doing. I didn’t want to

15 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 14

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This blog is from Beatriz (Central Baptist Church in Oakville). Hey everyone, its, Beatriz! Today is Wednesday, and we spent the entire day exploring the amazing nature that the Dominican has to offer. We went to see 2 waterfalls, and then swimming in the park where the waterfalls were at. The beauty that this country possesses is unreal. It is so incredibly beautiful here, that it just left me so

13 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 13

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This blog post is authored by Katie (Mimico Baptist Church). Hello everyone, it’s Katie! I hope everything is good with everyone back home! Everything is great here aside from a few bumps and bruises a few people have gotten. We started off our day with an amazing breakfast as usual. Today we stayed at the compound and did work there instead of going to the work site in Villa Altagracia.

13 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 12

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This blog post is from Enzo (Central Baptist Church-Oakville). Today was my first day of physical work. The past two days, I had been teaching ESL, painting and going on a community walk. This morning, we had breakfast around 8am and we took a 20 minute bus ride to get to a brand new water purification facility...rather, soon to be. The whole morning, my group worked on laying down bricks

12 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 11

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The following is from Julia (Mimico Baptist Church). Hey guys, it’s Julia. We started off the day by going to the church built by a previous group in Los Alcarrizos. The singing was amazing and we sang all the same songs we sing in our churches except in Spanish, which we all tried our best to sing along to. The sermon was about Revelations and how we all want to

10 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 10

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Today's post is from Ella (Mimico Baptist). Hi! It’s Ella. Today was our first full day in the Dominican Republic. It’s very hot here. We went to the worksite twice today. I liked the drive there. All of us were crammed into one bus, but the scenery was nice. There are so many hills and mountains! The first time we went to the worksite was after breakfast. We built metal

10 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: March 9

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(The following is by Peter and Amy, leader with Stanley Park Baptist). Hello Families, We made it! I (Amy) am currently writing this blog from a laptop on the bus as we travel from Santo Domingo to Los Alcarrizos. We have an exhausted but excited group with us; it has been a long day of travelling. As I write this, it is 7:30 pm local time which is 6:30 your

9 03, 2018

CE-DR 2018: Landed Safely

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The team arrived safely at the Lighthouse. They currently don't have WiFi, so Peter Schultz (team leader) texted this update: No problems in transit other than a 3-hour delay in the Miami-DR flight... but we got free sandwiches ... sooooo. Then we took the new bus to the compound where we ate food and got organized for tomorrow. Youth loved the food and pool. Peace.

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