Today’s post is from Ella (Mimico Baptist).

Hi! It’s Ella. Today was our first full day in the Dominican Republic. It’s very hot here. We went to the worksite twice today. I liked the drive there. All of us were crammed into one bus, but the scenery was nice. There are so many hills and mountains!

The first time we went to the worksite was after breakfast. We built metal supports, twisting wire around metal bars to hold them together. We also worked on a basketball court. That part was messy. We were pouring cement.

On the ride back, Jared got paranoid that Amy was talking about him behind his back so a few of us started whispering “Jared, Jared, Jared,” until the whole bus was chanting his name. It was funny.

We had a break after lunch and most of us went swimming in the pool. We went back to the worksite at 2:30. That time, we laid bricks. The bricks were really heavy! My job was to fill the gaps on the wall with cement, and smooth it out.

When it was almost time to leave, Julia, Katie and I gave sweets out to the kids who were watching us. Most of them were really little, and one boy was wearing a shirt with the Canadian flag on it. I tried to talk to them but I don’t know very much Spanish.

The food here is delicious. All the fruit is fresh and local so it’s better than the fruit in Canada.

I’m pretty tired, but today was fun. That’s all for now, bye!