The following two blog posts are from Matt and Jared (Stanley Park Baptist Church).

There were many things today that had spoken to me. Today was the last full day of work and the last day to help make a difference in the DR. As a result, it made me want to work my hardest and put all my energy into the work I was doing. I didn’t want to leave knowing I didn’t put my full potential into the projects we were a part of.

I think it’s important to do my best because we’re here to serve the people of the Dominican Republic.

We bettered their lives by helping construct a water treatment facility, by helping paint the compound we were staying at, and by interacting with the kids whenever they were around. We also had the opportunity to go out into the Dominican Republic and admire the nature this country has to offer.

My relationship with God has become stronger through the people I interacted with, the things I worked on, and the beautiful sights I saw. This spiritual experience has made me really appreciate the life I have and what God has provided me with.



OOOOOOOOOOOOLY COW. What a week it was.

Made so many new friendships that I should be able to stay in contact with, and I was able to work so very hard. Dad would be proud. Hopefully… Amy pretty much had to drag me away from work to drink some water. I guess I’m just really used to working in hot weather, and working really hard. I was used to using my strength in the ways I did, picking up heavy objects, shoveling dirt and stones, basically the works. I always would try to keep everyone energetic and have fun while working by yelling “WHOOOO HOOOO” every 3 to 5 minutes.

What’s the point of working if you can’t enjoy yourself? Well, with getting work done in the process.

It’s gonna be hard immigrating back to Canada… I’m so used to all these new surroundings. I’m gonna miss being able to hang out with everyone and talk and bond. Gonna miss that so much. If anything, despite a few times of me being a klutz and almost breaking something like 5 times this week, it was a wayyyyyyy better experience than last time.

See you soon ma and pa.