The following is from Julia (Mimico Baptist Church).

Hey guys, it’s Julia.

We started off the day by going to the church built by a previous group in Los Alcarrizos. The singing was amazing and we sang all the same songs we sing in our churches except in Spanish, which we all tried our best to sing along to. The sermon was about Revelations and how we all want to stand in front of Christ on the Day of Judgment, so we must share the word of God with all people, so we can all stand in front of Jesus on that day. That everyone needs him.

Church was followed by a siesta and community walk. Since it was Sunday we did not attend the worksite for work.  After swimming, reading, and journaling for our siesta, we got ready for our community walk. This was where we walked throughout the town of Los Alcarrizos and met the people, gave the kids candy and Felix showed us the houses built by previous groups. The kids were so sweet and all wanted to hold our hands and talk to us. We gave them candy and they joined us for the whole tour. The community walk was very eye opening for a lot of people. The way Cristian put it was good: we cannot look at it as bad or good; it is just different.

After the walk we played softball with some of the kids from the school. We had another wonderful dinner and debriefed about our day. Thanks for reading.