By the pool (March 9)(The following is by Peter and Amy, leader with Stanley Park Baptist).

Hello Families,

We made it! I (Amy) am currently writing this blog from a laptop on the bus as we travel from Santo Domingo to Los Alcarrizos. We have an exhausted but excited group with us; it has been a long day of travelling. As I write this, it is 7:30 pm local time which is 6:30 your time. We woke up at 2:00 am and were at the airport by 3 am. From there we journeyed to Miami and were very happy to arrive and check out this large airport, so large we needed to take the air train to get to our gate. We chose to have an early lunch in order to make our flight which was supposed to be boarding at 11:44 am. However, it was delayed at first for an hour, and it continued to be delayed until we finally boarded our plane by 3:00 pm and arrived in Santo Domingo about 5:45 pm approximately.

Peter here now, writing at the end of the evening. We are at the compound in Los Alcarrizos, and there is not much to say other than everyone is happy, healthy and safe. The youth are filled up on good food and a few spent some time cooling down in the pool. We are all off to an early-ish bed time to be up nice and early for some time in prayer and devos, then grab some food and head out to do some work. Enzo and Beatrix will be staying back at the school to teach ESL and the rest of us are going to Villa Alta Gracia for a good workout mixing cement and bending rebar. We do have water bottles and clean water; we will drink a lot of it. It has been a long day; I think it is time go to sleep. I hope all is as well on your end as it is on ours, because it is pretty fantastic.


Peter Schultz