Our team arrived at Pearson airport at 2:30am. Two flights,DR 2017 Flight
a plane de-icing in New York from too much snow,
and a scenic view from above of the Dominican Republic,
we’ve arrived at our destination!

One of the youth noted “Since I had been here before, when we first came down to the Dominican it was like coming home again. It feels like we’re at home.”

Here’s some of the team sharing their inital impressions as they arrived:DR 2017 flag

It was quite the experience looking around and seeing all these buildings. You would never see them like that in Canada. There were houses that were so completely different from what I’m use to seeing. I know it was going to be different but not this much extent. 

DR 2017 view

It was crazy driving through the city and seeing how different ‘hot climate’ cultures live. Everyone was just chilling by the side of the road and spending lots of time in community. It made me a little bit jealous of their lifestyle.



The traffic was kind of chaotic but I really liked how it all worked together in some sort of weird connection of the Dominican way

Through worship tonight God showed me the amount of love He has for each and every single one of us. We were singing a song about how ‘His love never fails’. In the middle of the song it started pouring rain. It reminded me how God’s love is pouring down on us constantly. We need to embrace it. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the day tomorrow and the week coming. 

DR 2017 dining

We look forward sharing more after our first full day of work
and helping to teach English as A Second Language at the the Lighthouse School!