This past weekend, a group from Mississauga Chinese Baptist Church and Kanata Baptist Church visited Six Nations. Led by Joe Elkerton, this group of six explored First Nations culture through their tour at the Woodlands Cultural Centre, with friends at Ohsweken Baptist Church and in group discussions.

Here are some soundbites from three participants:

  • I’ve come away from this weekend with a new respect and interest in Aboriginal culture. I was saddened to learn about the church’s involvement in the residential schools program and how much pain and suffering it caused the Aboriginal people. It is my hope that Jesus would work powerfully to mend this broken relationship and bring healing to those who have been hurt and scared.
  • An urgent need to pray for Christian Native leaders among the Six Nations community. The people are very warm and friendly.
  • The insights of this weekend will help out church to enter Aboriginal ministry from a much more respectful stance. May God bring hope and healing to everyone involved.

Our objective with Compassion Experience (CE)-Six Nations is to provide a space for churches to understand the context of our First Nations neighbours so they have a clearer understanding of what ministry means in that context. It’s our prayer these churches and many others will help build the bridges that Christ has already started to do.

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