While the Toronto Raptors didn’t win (it’s tough playing the Western Conference), the post-game program was well received. Over eighty students had a chance to do lay-ups on the court. Eight of them had a chance to win a big prize (a signed basketball from DeMar DeRozan) going up against Matt and Alvin. The more profound moments came in the testimonies.

Landry Fields shared the impact of Jesus in his life, especially now with a wife and young child. Herbie Kuhn, the voice of the Raptors, led our program as our MC and encouraged groups to continue the conversation about faith and Jesus in the weeks to come. Jwing from Stay Golden shared a powerful poem of his own faith journey to date.

The purpose of this isn’t to just host a fun event. Our purposes are to 1. provide a space for invited friends to hear a positive impression of Jesus’ impact on people’s lives and 2. for those invited friends to have a place i.e. the group they came with to continue conversing about Jesus. It’s our prayer that those moments will continue beyond Centre Court 2015.


Landry Fields, Herbie Kuhn and all our friends at Centre Court 2015.