In Spring 2018, the Athens Ministerial and the local congregations of Athens began offering the Alpha Youth course at Athens Baptist Church to the students of Athens District High School (ADHS). The school is a 7-12 school with two different lunch periods: one for grade 7 & 8 students; the other for grade 9-12 students. Rev. Daniel Zylstra and Rev. Bruce Demitroff arranged the program with Matt Ferguson, a Youth Worker from the local Free Methodist Church, who led a lunchtime session for the grade 7/8’s and another for the grade 9-12’s for a total of ten weeks. The member churches of the Athens Ministerial Association graciously provided funds for pizza from one of our local pizzerias—Main Street Pizza—so that the young people could enjoy free food each week.

This Spring the Athens Ministerial Association and the local congregations of Athens once again offered Alpha Youth to the students of ADHS. Lunches were once again provided to students for free through generous donations from the local congregations and through the work of another of our local restaurants, Luke’s Café. This endeavour has been encouraging as the churches are actively supporting this ministry through funds, time, and prayer. It’s an important opportunity to have the Good News of Christianity shared with our local youth. There has been enthusiasm from the youth as they respond to the questions of faith that Matt Ferguson asks them. Our prayer, as the churches of Athens, is that we be able to continue to work together for God’s glory to see the youth of our area (Leeds County) come to faith in Jesus and grow in His amazing grace.

It was a joint effort between Pastor Dan Zylstra, my Christian Reformed brother in Christ,  and myself who was part of the Alpha ministry.

by Pastor Bruce Demitroff