For 10 days, three churches converged in Montreal to serve.. They started as strangers and became friends under the name of Jesus.

From July 23 to August 1, FBC-Welland and FBC-Dunnville joined Montreal Chinese Baptist Church in the heart of Montreal. Their first weekend began with some training and team bonding. (Welland and Dunnville soon discovered that MCBC was an epic location for Manhunt plus a Poke stop was right at the door.) From there, their mission began.

Welland/Dunnville brought their VBS curriculum called “Building Blocks” to host as a daycamp at MCBC. With staff from all three churches leading at least 25 kids (almost half from the community, including one boy who had arrived in Canada only 2 months ago), they demonstrated the love of God in both word and deed. This team also had opportunities to serve the community though a sandwich run, prayer and board games at the Tam Tam festival. Part of the team served as the staff for the CBOQ Kids Reel Family event.

What this experience demonstrated for me was the multiple-tiered impact of churches partnering together. These churches may not necessarily be forming a long-term partnership. But they’ve witnessed the benefits serving with others both for their individual teams and the Montreal community. There’s already talk of each church expanding their partnerships, especially in the Montreal area. It’s amazing to see how God continues to transform lives at so many levels.