Last Saturday, CBOQ Kids (with support from CBOQ Youth) hosted the 4th Faith and Family event with Raptors 905 (the G-League team of the Toronto Raptors). Over 120 joined together for a Raptors 905 victory and a fun-filled post-game program.

One key highlight was Raptors 905 forward Nicholas Baer sharing his faith story. As a rookie from Iowa, he shared how his relationship began with Jesus at age 10, and how Jesus continues to shape his life.

Afterwards, children ages 10-13 got to run a 90-second layup drill. Two older teens competed in a 3-point contest. The younger kids ran a dribbling drill. Then everyone came on court for a group picture.

Our purpose for running this event isn’t just to have a cool experience court. It’s to provide a shared memorable for families to embrace and to discuss how Jesus impacts people’s lives, including Nicholas.