Avalanche this year was unlike any we’ve ever hosted. Given the pandemic and most recent state of emergency “stay at home” orders, so many of our churches had to stay at home (and our Avalanche team as well). That didn’t stop us from delving into our theme “ONE: One God. One Life. Together”. Meisha Watson led us through a biblical understand of how God is wanting to draw us closer to him. We are also grateful for Connexus Church for letting us use their worship videos.

Our sessions had an average 100 listed attendees join (in some cases, they were groups gathered online in 1 feed and families who watched together). Churches submitted photo/video evidence of their team challenges (and where were some very creative compilations).

What makes this year further unique is our ability to make many of the Avalanche elements available for churches to use on their own later, whether as a weekend experience or parts that are most helpful in their own ministries. (That package will be released in late February.)

We are grateful to God for helping us through these creative ways to connect with him and with each other this past weekend and into the future.