CBOQ and the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada participate in an exchange of young adult teams, learning from each other and celebrating God’s work in our regions. This past weekend, Kylie Hurlburt, Meaghan Graham and Mike Andress with Alvin represented CBOQ at CBAC’s new multi-denominational adventure “One Conference” in Moncton, NB.

The intention of this exchange is to discover the answer to two questions: what is God uniquely doing in this region and what can be learned/transferred back to our home context?

This experience led to a range of surprises, deep dialogue and fun conversations. More importantly, we saw God work at so many levels, whether through students, through leaders or through the volunteers and organizers. The impact of One Conference transformed thousands of students and the witness of Christ in an entire region.

Some thoughts from our team members:

One Conference was nothing that I could’ve ever expected. Having all the denominations together worshiping one God together was so surreal and amazing. You could really feel God’s presence everywhere. I would love to go back! (Mike Andress)

One Conf was an amazing experience and the presence of God encompassed the entire weekend. (Meaghan Graham)

Being a slingshot was an incredible opportunity. I got to see how God is working in the east coast. The trip gave me perspective, a look at Christianity at a larger scale across the province. One Conference in particular showed the power that comes from working together. It demonstrated that ultimately we serve One God, as One Church, for One Kingdom. (Kylie Hurlburt)

You can see what happened at One Conference through Facebook and Instagram with #onecon18.