15 05, 2021

May 2021 – Pastors’ Tip #1

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TIP 1: Register for Assembly’s learning sessions (and invite others to join you).  This year’s Assembly learning sessions includes presenters from across the continent who are specialists in their fields , especially children and youth ministry. We encourage you and others at your church to register. Within your group, you can decide who will attend the various sessions so you can all share insights learned. With your registration, you’ll also

8 04, 2021

Assembly Learning Sessions

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tip: Register for (and recommend) some Assembly learning breakouts. CBOQ is excited to be hosting its annual Assembly, our "family gathering" of churches. Since this year is happening online, there are some great ways to connect and learn from one another, including through our learning sessions. You can find all the ones offered at (The early bird deadline is May 9 with the final day to register on June

9 06, 2018

Assembly 2018 – review

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Another Assembly is done. Our family gathered to worship and fellowship over three days. Among us was the focus on the next generation. While most of the program was similar to previous years, there were some unique elements to this year's Assembly: God's word delivered by Chap Clark and Tim Day. We were led into God's presence by Drew Brown. Assembly approved the motion to change a by-law allowing churches

24 05, 2018

Family Reunions

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Each family does them differently. Our CBOQ family reunion aka Assembly is no different, but  something special happens every time our family of churches gather together. For me (Alvin), after being part of 17 Assemblies, I am encouraged by these common occurrences: Friends greeting friends, especially if they haven’t seen each other since the last Assembly. There are numerous people I get to see once a year, and it’s a

11 06, 2016

Assembly 2016 – review

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Another Assembly has passed. Over 500 of our family members visited, shared, inspired and challenged each other. By all accounts, it's good to be with family. Dr. Anna Robbins expanded on the theme "Open Doors" (a more thorough summary will be on the CBOQ website). Matt Wilkinson elaborated on the findings from the CB Youth Forum. We had over 30 people hanging out at Chop Steakhouse (even some senior pastors

14 06, 2014

Assembly 2014: review

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This is my (Alvin's) 14th Assembly. The structure and program has changed over the years. But something remains the same (at least it has for the last 14 years): a sense of the Spirit gathering others together for Him. There have been years where it hasn't really felt as such. There are faces that I see maybe once a year. But each time, it's as if it was only yesterday.

4 06, 2014

Assembly 2014 – Before it Begins

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This week, we gather with friends across all our churches. It's really a family reunion of our CBOQ tribe. (You can decide who's the crazy uncle at the family gathering.)There's lots happening in the next few days: David Fitch, our plenary speaker, will help us understand some of God's movements in our culture today. Did you know our plenary sessions (Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday midday) are FREE for EVERYONE?! 

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