26 09, 2020

Camp and Youth Ministry: working together

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Youth ministry has a great symbiotic relationship with camps. Youth ministries and Christian camps both strive towards the goal of the next generation knowing and growing closer to Jesus, but we each have our specific platforms in which to accomplish that. That being said, there are many ways we can complement each other in attaining that goal. (You can see specific ways Kwasind, Kids and Youth do this as CBOQ Next Gen in our onboarding guide.)  Resource Sharing: God has equipped each of our individual churches and camps with various

27 03, 2020

Helping Essential Service Workers

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Families that include those who have to go to work (whose jobs are deemed essential services), face a dilemma. Who will care for their children?   At the time of this posting, based on the list provided by the Ontario government, individuals may be able to provide home childcare services for fewer than 6 children.  Could our members (including youth) help those in their neighbourhoods by providing childcare?  A few days ago, CBOQ Kids developed a virtual day camp template. It includes ideas for

8 08, 2016

Montreal Mission Trip 2016 – review

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For 10 days, three churches converged in Montreal to serve.. They started as strangers and became friends under the name of Jesus. From July 23 to August 1, FBC-Welland and FBC-Dunnville joined Montreal Chinese Baptist Church in the heart of Montreal. Their first weekend began with some training and team bonding. (Welland and Dunnville soon discovered that MCBC was an epic location for Manhunt plus a Poke stop was right

14 09, 2015

Best Practices: Evangelism

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Last April, we invited several youth pastors to a summit to learn from one another and to provide us with feedback about our ministry direction. Part of our day included discussing a series of best practices in six different areas (evangelism, biblical understanding, mentoring/small groups, community impact, leadership development and intergenerational interactions). Over the next few weeks, we’ll release some of the best practice suggestions from the group (with further

23 02, 2014

Camp Hermosa

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At Camp Hermosa, our goal is to provide a memorable summer experience for kids and families, while inspiring campers to make faith in Christ a part of their everyday lives.  With programs for kids of all ages, a comprehensive leadership training program, and camps for families as well, we are sure you will find the right camp for you at Camp Hermosa.  Visit to learn more about what we

20 02, 2014

Camp Kwasind

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January 1st, I (Rod Vis) started a new position at Camp Kwasind. Over these past two months, I have been reading everything “camp” related I could find.  I cannot count the number of times, while reading, I have said “Wow!”  Time and time again, I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge and concrete evidence that points to the life-long benefits summer camps give our children.  Summer camps have the

20 02, 2014

Camp Burbalac – "A Christian Camp Encouraging Christian Values"

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Camp Burbalac's mission is to provide camping facilities in a Christian environment where campers of all ages can deepen their relationship with God in the beauty and tranquility of His Creation. Secluded in the woods overlooking Big Cedar Lake, we have excellent fishing, swimming, canoeing, sandy beach, diving rock and beach volleyball ... or you can choose quiet relaxation!  Our Sunday services are a great way to fellowship with other campers. Family camping as well as

19 02, 2014

Camp Norland

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CAMP Summer. Bright. Warm. Anticipation. Friendship. Fun. Skills. Water. Swimming. Canoeing. Kayaking. Boarding. Out-trips. Biking. Horses. Climbing. Games. Challenge. Food. Tuck. Campfires. Marshmallows. S'mores. Skits. Songs. Leaders. Mentors. Trust. Leadership. Music. Guitars. Worship. Praise. Teaching. Learning. Thinking. Scripture. Chapels. God. Speakers. Challenges. Christ. Tears. Praying. Laughter. Healing. Growing. Rooted. Life. CAMP BE THERE!

19 02, 2014

Camp Oneida

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Camp Oneida will be opening its cabin doors for its 64th summer this year. We are already planning many exciting activities and events for each camp. With a permanent staff of 14 and hundreds of volunteer leaders, we look forward to making a week of your summer one that you will never forget. Between sporting activities to crafts we offer fun and challenging programs for all ages and abilities. Our

19 02, 2014

The Story of "Annie", FBC-Here and Camp Whoknowswhere

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Let's imagine a story about a student named Annie who's 16 years old in a church (let's call it FBC-Here) with about 80 people, some kids and 2-3 other students in high school. She went to Camp Whoknowswhere for a few summers as a child and loved the experience. As she's growing in her faith, she's exploring how she could serve God. Her church, always looking for personnel help, encourages

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