Last Saturday night, CBOQ Youth with Children and Family joined the Hamilton Ticats for their final regular season game (and it was a memorable one). However, the greater impact came from the testimonies of three Ticat players: Luke Tasker, Joel Reinders  and Cary Koch with chaplain Steve Kearns. Several churches with children of all ages came to hear their stories of Jesus’ impact on them. Guests offered questions and some were selected with the players providing their insights. Afterwards, guests came on the field to do some tackling, field goal kicking and passing drills (each person receiving a Ticats mini-football in the process).

The event itself wasn’t the main focus. There were two reasons for partnering in this kind of experience:

  • for the families to build memories together (after all, how often do kids get to play on the Ticats’ new field)
  • for faith conversations to be catalyzed from the stories shared by our Ticats friends

It is our prayer that God will continue to build upon these kinds of experiences in the faith development of children of all ages.