The 36th Today’s Teens Conference continued to inspire and equip over 1200 youth workers and student leaders. This year featured Sunder Krishnan and Iona Snair challenging youth workers alongside Melinda Estabrooks and Shawn Naylor inspiring students. The Meeting House was filled with worship led by the C4 Worship Team.

Alongside a number of Canadian breakout speakers from across our nation, this year featured the first awarding of the John Wilkinson Lifetime Achievement Award in youth ministry. Its first recipient: Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt. A standing ovation honoured the word God has done in Dave’s life and the hundreds of thousands of people who have been influenced by him.

Personally (for Alvin), it is always a grand family reunion of youth ministry leaders from numerous denominations and churches. While much of my involvement was backstage, it’s always amazing to sense the vibe and buzz for a collection of students and leaders who are committed to bringing the person and message of Jesus to this upcoming generation.

(PS: the highlight video will soon be released online; keep your eyes posted for that.)