Last Saturday, Today’s Teens Conference (hosted by Youth Unlimited and involves many volunteers within our CBOQ family) went completely online. Over 1300 guests joined from all province and territories of Canada, several US states, UK, Australia and other nations.

The aim: to reimagine what God continues to do in reaching the next generation with the person and message of Jesus.

Through our four main session speakers, we rooted ourselves in the gospel and ways it influences some specific parts of our life. The afternoon main session experience challenged us to take specific next steps in the areas of racial reconciliation, biblical engagement and mental health.

We had 20 breakout speakers (including local presenters in Ontario stretching to Hawaii) who inspired and challenges us in our approaches in these particular areas.

For those who registered for the conference, you can access all the content in the coming days through the Castle app.

We are grateful for God’s continued transformation in how we ourselves might live closer to Jesus and to help guide the next generation towards our Lord and Saviour.