Last Saturday, over 1300 students and leaders gathered at the Meeting House for the 32nd edition of the Today’s Teens Conference. The key speakers featured Dr. Chap Clark for youth leaders and Dr. Dave Overholt for students. They posed one key question: Are you all in for Jesus?

With the help of an army of volunteers and over 25 workshop speakers (including Tim McCoy, Karra Overholt and Sam Lee), students and leaders delved deeply into this central question. Chap challenged our conventional concepts of youth ministry. (BTW, Chap’s presentation slides are available on his blog site.) The combined experience after lunch moved leaders and students to consider who they would extend the person and message of Jesus to.

The Twitter feed (with #ttc16 and #allin) exploded on Saturday with a plethora of encouragements and insights to the weekend. After 10 hours, many returned home to answer the question of whether they were all in for Jesus … YES!

Are you all in for Jesus?