What happens when over 1500 students and leaders converge in one place? The Spirit moves. Imaginations begin to run wild. An energy erupts with a passion to change the world for His glory.

Today’s Teens Conference is the longest running training event in Ontario. Inspiration and challenge flowed from the keynote speakers Duffy Robbins and Jason Ballard. Dozens of workshop leaders walked through practical steps to help transform youth ministries.

But the key to these events is the conversations in between. Students talking amongst themselves about how they can reach their peers. Leaders brainstorming and discerning where the Holy Spirit is moving. Those conversations lend to imaginations exploding as God infuses with different creative ways to minister.

But it doesn’t stop at Today’s Teens Conference. It’s up to youth leaders and students to take that synergy and move in the direction God has shown. And never stop imagining.