The day after Easter feels a little like January 2. The festivities of the previous week, that range in emotion from the somberness of Good Friday to the exhilaration of Easter, can leave a person drained. But it’s good and right that, like that settling moment after a good party, the question comes, “what’s next?”

Jesus’ disciples had to move forward. At the time, they weren’t sure how exactly what that meant. They had seen Jesus multiple times following his resurrection, but they didn’t get that clear mandate to go and “make disciples of all nations” until his ascension.

We live our whole lives post-ascension, and, if we live by the Spirit we know what we need to do. We know that this message of Easter isn’t exclusive to the Christian community; the good news is to be a “blessing to all nations”. If that isn’t the aim of our youth ministries, then we fall short of God’s mandate.

By the way, recently, Matt Maher’s song “Christ is Risen” has been resonating in my (Alvin’s) mind.(  May it be a reminder of the power of the resurrection, and the power of Christ over all.