CBOQ School and last day at Villa Altagracia

dr2017 -cboq schoolThis day was a lot of fun. In the morning the Harmony Road youth went to the CBOQ school and did multiple fun activities and gave lots of school supplies. Before we even walked into the school we could hear all the excitement the kids had. It was interesting how kids could find fun in things as simple as our stickers on a paper crown, or blowing bubbles outside and popping them before they hit the ground. Definitely one of the best experiences I had on this trip.


Today was awesome! I got to work the cement machine! It was very hard but I definitely developed some killer arm muscles and it was also very fun! However, it was bitter sweet leaving the site today. We have made so much progress and you can see things starting to form. But saying bye to the kids tore our heart apart. Seeing their happy faces smiling at this wonderful thing we are doing for the. Knowing we are most likely  not going to see them again made me unblievably and unexpectedly sad. I love these kids, even though we barely know them. I can’t wait to come back sometime in the future. This place is amazing and so Holy Spirit heavy.

Tomorrow we’re having a cultural day around Santo Domingo and the surrounding area.  dr2017 - community


dr2017 - teamdr820

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