Tip 2: Begin Talking about Lent/Easter Plans with your Children and Youth Leaders 

At the beginning of the Easter season, what conversation behave you had with your children and youth leaders about how your church will celebrate Easter? We all have to face changing variables (similar to those we faced last December ahead of Christmas) in what we’re able to do. 

Some considerations and questions as you approach the conversation these coming days:  

  • During this Easter season, what are the non-negotiable expressions? (Be careful not to confuse these with what you want the most.) 
  • What is accessible to your congregation including families, parents, kids, youth, seniors, singles, etc.? This can include any connectivity (e.g. online conferencing, phone calling) and physical resources (e.g. certain foods, crafts or other materials). 
  • What can you provide? You’ll need to consider your budget and any public health restrictions/guidelines. 
  • What can be done in a synchronous manner (e.g. taking communion together even though we’re not seeing one another) vs asynchronously (e.g. baking/buying/eating hot cross buns and sharing pictures with one another)? 

We trust the Christ who died and rose again. In his death and resurrection, we believe it transcends time and eternity. Its impact knows no bounds. For that, we can celebrate in whatever manners are available to us this season.