Justice. What is it and how do we approach discussions about it  in the context of immigration, gun violence and other areas we hear every day in the news. The topic of biblical justice is huge…how do we prepare for conversations about that? The Canadian Baptist Youth team have ideas to get your conversation about justice started.

In 2016, the CB Youth team released the Imaginative Hope report, which outlines seven obstacles, five opportunities, and three action steps a Canadian Baptist (or any) church can take that help them minister to the next generation. 

Biblical justice is a key item in the report.The CB Youth team developed a primer to help you and your group start conversations about  the concept of biblical justice, especially with respect to refugees. Our aim to give you a good start, so you can dig in and build on it to discover God’s voice in your own context.

We’re encouraging youth ministries to make biblical justice their main focus on Thursday, November 14 as part of a national initiative. On that day, we’re asking for youth to reflect on and tangibly support an outreach or other ministry in the area of refugee work. Before that day, please take advantage of our  lead-in lesson, which helps start that conversation. On November 14, we invite you to share via Instagram (#imaginativejustice) the different ways you and your youth are participating in biblical justice initiatives. Afterwards, there will be a lead-out lesson to debrief the lead-in and November 14 experiences and to imagine the possibilities of where this could go.

This national initiative is an opportunity for us to engage with the issues around us in a way that honours God. It’s our prayer that we can live out justice and mercy in Jesus’ way.

You can find all the details at imaginativehope.ca/justice.