Our CBOQ Youth flagship retreats approach their 22nd year. Last year was our first ever fully online retreat experience. We were amazed at how God continues to bring his message of hope through these new channels for us.

Many have been asking, “What will Avalanche and Blizzard look like this January/February 2022?”

While there are still many determining factors yet to be finalized, we are committed to hosting our winter retreats. At this time, we are planning for two different ways youth groups can participate in Avalanche and Blizzard:

  1. Onsite: As you might expect, this will be predicated on a variety of details yet to be determined. However, if we are safely able to do so, we will be hosting an onsite experience for those wishing to gather. This will be a Friday night to Sunday afternoon experience similar to the retreats we’ve hosted in the past.
  2. Satellite: We know, for various reasons, that some youth groups will gather locally. This could mean one group (or a cluster of groups together) meeting at a closer geographical location (like their own church building). Some groups may choose to meet fully online. In either case, we will have a weekend experience that will run simultaneously with our onsite experience and will be tailored to those satellite groups.

Because we don’t have all our details finalized, we are not yet able to release our registration and promotions packages. We hope to do that at the end of September.

We can announce that we have secured our speakers for both retreats. For Avalanche (Jr high), we are excited to have Tim Teakle (Alpha Canada) speaking while, at Blizzard (Sr. High), we will be led by Shawn Naylor (shawnnaylor.ca). More details about their involvement will be coming out with our registration and promotions material.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Alvin (alau@baptist.ca, 416-620-2946).

Our retreat teams will begin meeting soon. We prayerfully move forward anticipating how God will continue to move your youth and their friends closer to Jesus.