“Identify your high school grads and their plans.” 

High school graduation is an exciting time in a person’s life. It’s the closure of one chapter and the anticipation of the next one to come. 

As the pastor, acknowledging this rite of passage is crucial. At least know who’s graduating this year in your church. You may not be able to connect with them regularly, but at least knowing who they are is a great start.  

What specific ways can you support them? 

  • Keep a record who’s graduating and what their intended plans are. 
  • Periodically follow up with them about these coming months. (If you’re wondering what questions to ask, go to www.transition101.ca/top5.)  
  • You can continue to pray for them regularly as they face different milestones. Invite others to pray for them as well. 
  • As they begin to get a clearer idea of where they’re landing (especially if they’re moving away), help to make a connection into a new faith community. Renegotiating Faith reminds us that a person is 4x more likely to remain in a faith community if their sending church helps bridge that connection. One way to do this is through www.transition101.ca 
  • If you’re hoping to delve deeper into supporting the class of 2021, see this blog post. 

Grad year is a key transition in a person’s life. While you’re not expected to be the primary influencer in these coming months, continue to pray with them as they navigate these coming months.