Lived examples are one of the best ways for children and youth to see concepts in action. It’s also another way for them to get to know you not just as a pastor but as a person. 

Through the monthly ONE resources (kids, youth links), they are hopefully deepening their understanding of prayer and how they can grow in it. 

Sharing your own experience in your prayer life gives them a lived example of how a person might grow in this area. You can share both the results and the struggles of prayer. Be real and honest. 

Some tips/ideas/considerations: 

  • Write a blog post. 
  • Create a short video of your own testimony in this area. 
  • Invite other adults to share their experiences as well. You could interview them in an article or video format. 
  • Ensure you’re addressing the kids and youth in your congregation in this. Make this specific to them. 
  • While it’s helpful to use simple words, it doesn’t mean you have to “dumb it down”.