Now’s the Time

So often, the Christian faith is portrayed as future-oriented. “One day we’ll get there.” “One day, Jesus will return.” All of that is true. But Jesus reminds us not to forsake the present.

Last Saturday, over 1400 youth leaders, students and volunteers gathered at the Meeting House to be inspired and challenged. Time and time again, they were reminded to consider what God is doing right now, and how they could engage with him in that moment.

Almost 30% of the attendees came from CBOQ churches. (Over 30% of the volunteers also came from CBOQ churches.) Led by Matt Wilkinson and Paul Robertson, this youth ministry training conference hosted by Youth Unlimited for the last 34 years continues to shape thousands of lives in Jesus’ name.

Check out some photos, videos and other highlights on their Facebook page.

Now’s the time. How does God want you to respond right now?