The ministry year is less than 2 months from finishing; youth ministries are making the final stretch and are starting to wrap things up. One key opportunity we urge you to take is to thank your volunteers. Here are some suggestions.


It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

In a previous blog post, we noted that different people receive appreciation differently. That being the case, now’s a great time to find ways to personalize the appreciation you want to express. If you’re not sure what that person’s love language is, ask! Don’t try guessing. You can explain that you want to show your appreciation in a way that makes the most sense.


Invite Others to Show Appreciation

That sign of appreciation doesn’t have to come from you. Empower those direct supervisors to take the lead in doing it for their teams. For example, if you’ve got someone who oversees the worship teams, encourage the team leader to show special appreciation to those team members rather than have it come from you. Maybe a team member would highly value that demonstration from the senior pastor or a board member. Invite those people to be part of the process.


Be Specific About What You Appreciate

Name something unique to the person you value. It could be a specific act they did. It could be the attitude they carry. It could be a key personality trait God’s given that lends them well in that role. Being specific reminds the person why God’s invited them to that role and shows you’ve been paying attention.


What other ways do you show appreciate to your volunteers? (Leave your suggestions in the comments below.)