Jon (Kingsway):  Friday Night, our two groups met, we started to bond. Got some Spanish language training/tips and after a few snacks (eventually) got some sleep. Early morning shuttle to the airport (2am) left us all a little sleepy but a smooth ride left us in good shape at the Santo Domingo airport (shown here).

The team meets
early morning shuttle
smiling faces
we landed!

With a warm reception by the Lighthouse Project staff and a wet reception by the Dominican Republic weather we arrived! During the afternoon we settled into our new home for the week and got a chance to chat and play some games with a few of the locals who stopped by.

learning the language
basketball is universal

Margaret (Harmony Road):

On my first compassion experience in the Dominican Republic I was blown away by the welcoming nature of the DR people and the amazing work being done by the Lighthouse Project team.

When I returned for the second time, I felt like I was home again. I was happy to reunite with the team and continue the work.

This is my third trip and as the bus drove us to the compound, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this time!

Sarah (Kingsway):

After arriving on the compound, the people that have been here in the past, including myself, immediately saw the small aspects of development on the property. Things such as grass where there was rubble, steps, and a wall to section off the property of the Lighthouse Project. Small things, but noticeable. These small things have made me really excited to go to the site in Villa Altagracia where we worked last time. To see the progress that could happen in the place of priority, when I see progress in a place that isn’t even priority.

Also, today my mind has been opened to the wonder of avocado. I am not an avocado fan but the Dominican Republic avocado has made me one.