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Jon (Kingsway): This morning we had the opportunity to visit the CBOQ School that teams built in 2013. The school goes up to grade 5 and has three classrooms. We rotated activities with each class. Recess, where we bounced basketballs, kicked soccer balls, blew bubbles, and face painted with them. We made bracelets with them, with different colour beads, each representing an aspect of what Jesus has done for us.  We also did crafts with the younger kids, and were able to give each child a polaroid picture of themselves, saying ‘you are created by God’. We ended the morning by giving each student a knitted doll that people from both churches had made. And were able to leave enough for the afternoon classes to each get one too!

learning about jesus
Live Generously
loving the dolls

Abraham (Kingsway): Today I and a small group of my friends from the other group were building columns for the wall with one of the student hosts. While working with our small group and our student host we bonded really nicely. We learned more about why he work at the compound and he learned more English terms from us. While we were building the columns we had to use rebar and rebar square frames and about halfway through we ran out of rebar squares so we started to bend our own squares and it went terrible however it was an amazing time for bonding and an even better time for work.

Morgan (Harmony): Today I had the opportunity to be able to work a lot on using the wheel barrows filled with cement. It was pretty tough and heavy but it was also quite encouraging. As you walked away from the cement mixer, you would have to go over a bunch of hills and big rocks to get to the destination. So as I was wheeling the cement to the wall I had the most encouraging people cheering me on. A few members of our team had been working on some rebar columns and every time I would pass by, they would cheer me on. It was so rewarding to see not only the work being done but also to see how well everyone has bonded and the work that God has done through us. We really, truly have become a big family.