Emmanuel (Harmony): Today was our first work day and it was fun! We went to Villa Altagracia. We were split into two groups and my group started off by shoveling dirt and debris and wheel barrowing to another room. After, we went to lay bricks but it had rained for quite awhile which cut into our work time. The thing that stood out to me the most was that even through the hard pounding rain, we wanted to continue working. I prayed for us and that our spirit would embody a servant heart and mentality. The time is passing by so quickly here and I’m loving every moment in it and hope to continue to see God’s purpose for me throughout and after this trip.

so much clay
team builders
assessing the situation
it's getting high!
4 years of waiting!

Ali (Kingsway): Today was amazing! We finally got to visit Villa Altagracia and got to work in the community. We laid bricks for the church’s Sunday School and worked on the water filtration plant.
I experienced a God moment a few minutes prior to writing this. We were praying during our night devotional and I just felt that with a breath God entered my heart. I have felt a little distant from Him recently but after feeling that moment it just became so clear that I love God and that my faith is really important to me.
It’s day 3 and this trip is already one of the greatest experiences. I am so beyond grateful to be here.

holding hands