Jon (Kingsway): Today we had to say goodbye to the other two teams that were here with us this past week. Compass from Orangeville and Flamborough from outside Hamilton. One upside was that we had the facilities all to ourselves, the other is that we definitely got some larger pieces of avocado for lunch! Our work today was focused on completing a concrete ramp to allow vehicles to more easily enter the facility. Flamborough had started it earlier in the week and yesterday we helped with some of the cement loads in the afternoon. So satisfying seeing the main section completed.
And to top it all off Felix gave us a tour of the water purification plant in Los Alcarrizos. Amazing to see all the equipment and systems they use to distribute all that water.

Hannah (Harmony): This has been one crazy week and God has shown himself in so many powerful and amazing ways.  I am so thankful for everyone who took the time, effort, and money, I am thankful for the people who donated and prayed for me and made this trip possible for me.  God showed himself in so many different ways this week.  I have seen changes happen both in me and the people I went on this trip with.   God gave me and the others so much strength and wisdom when we were at the work sites and helped us do the things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.  God worked in amazing ways and was with us in everything that we did. When we worshiped this evening I really felt Gods presence with us.  God showed himself in the little things such us during the work time it was cloudy and windy.  God was with us through every little thing and cared about the little details.  If God was taking care of us in those little things how much more does he care about the big things and struggles in our lives.  One thing I hope to take out of this experience is that God cares and he’s watching over us, even when it feels likes he’s not, or when it feels like our problems are too insignificant or too big for God to handle, he’s always going to be there watching over us through everything that comes in our way.  As this week comes to an end I hope that if takes one thing home with us it is the understanding that God is there and He’s in control and watching over everything we do.

lovin it

Deb (Kingsway): Wow what a week!  From building cement brick walls, leveling the ground in the new water purification plant, repainting the basketball post in Villa Altagracia, to visiting the CBOQ School, to finishing the driveway in Los Alcarrizos.  I feel like we have done a little bit of everything and had the great joy of finishing some projects that were started by other Teams.   My ultimate favourite was of visiting the school and having an opportunity to share Jesus with the tiniest members of the school.  It was awe inspiring to see these dedicated educators teaching with nothing more than pen and paper, not even a blackboard!  The children were adorable and so happy to play with us.  We took an instant camera and took photos of each of them and pasted it on a world map that read “Creado por Dios” (Created by God). The kids were so excited to have their photos to take home.  Today (our final day in the DR) we had the incredible honour of touring the water purification plant in Los Alcarrizos.  It was amazing to be able to bring home this knowledge and photos to our Kingsway Family so they can visualize what they have so lovingly supported financially.  The other highlight today was to complete the concrete driveway that was started by another team.  It was exciting for us to see the project completed.  We had a very productive week and saw God at work in both Los Alcarrizos and Villa Altagracia.  Thank you for supporting the DR Team of 2019.