Matthew (Kingsway): Today was our second work day, day four of our trip. The work we did today definitely felt harder for me than yesterday, however we paced ourselves well and drank lots of water, and were able to work until the end of the day, maintain our productivity. When we arrived at our worksite, the water purification plant, after lunch, we were told that we had to finish leveling the floor of the building before we left, and that there was until sunset for us to finish. Luckily, our group worked together to finish the floor ahead of time, and it was very satisfying to look at the level floor at the end of the day. Today’s highlight for me was definitely the walk through the community of Villa Altagracia after a hard day’s work, and being able to see how the people live and interact with us was very special. Overall, I am excited for the next few days, and am grateful for the past four days of fun and learning, as well as the way our two churches have easily meshed together. Please keep praying for our team and the community as we continue the week!

Josiah (Harmony): Today was our second work day of our (so far) awesome trip. The work I did was laying thick stones into the ground so we make the ground of the water plant flat. And then we got to go for the community walk with the kids and give them candy. I loved how the two churches bonded together and I loved the mountains and the hills here and just how the community so friendly to one another.

I am so excited for the next days of our trip with Kingsway and the community of the DR.

Please pray for safety and nice weather for the next coming days as we play with the kids and work hard!

paint party