complete with popemobile

Will (Harmony): Today was quite a fun day. In contrast to the hard work we were doing on some other days, today we got to relax a bit and we visited some caves as well as go to the marketplace. The marketplace was really fun because it wasn’t a regular old marketplace. Here we had the option of bargaining and that was a lot of fun. Though this day was just mostly fun and games, we got a nice taste on how the local culture is and what some Dominican people do for entertainment or to live. There was one guy who had a really nice saxophone and was playing it really well. Another guy was trying to sell sunglasses in the middle of the market strip and someone bought a pair but needed change. He trusted us enough to go to a friend and exchange the money while leaving the whole stand there where we could easily just snatch some pairs (if we wanted to) because there was no security whatsoever. And then there were some people who weren’t even trying to talk to anyone but were just sitting on the side enjoying a meal and just watching the world work. Even though we didn’t do any actual hard work, it kind of amazed me how there are so many different lives crossing different paths with all their own different thoughts and feelings, and this all was created by one awesome God. Difficult thought to grasp. But, some things I learned is that if you’re going to bargain, stay confident, stay low, and women drive the hardest bargain.

looking fly

The three eyes
enjoying tres ojos
with our friend Manoa

Eliza (Kingsway): Hey Blog! The trip has been so incredible so far. We have done so many cool things, met some amazing people, and made some crazy memories. Today was our rest day/cultural day, so we went into the old city. First we visited Tres Ojos caves. Which was so pretty! Then we went to the marketplace to do some shopping. Everyone was bartering to get the lowest prices on their purchases. It was super fun to see how low we could get the price! Then we took the bus back to the compound where we’re staying and had rest time for the rest of the afternoon. I had a well needed nap, then went swimming, and laid on the deck listening to music and reading. God was doing some amazing things for me today, because the whole time I was shopping I had a bad headache, then after what seemed like forever it stopped and I was able to continue my day. Please keep praying for strength and energy for the team!