Day 1

Our team of 18 (9 from Harmony Road Baptist and 9 from Kingsway Baptist) met last night near Pearson Airport. They reviewed the logistics of the experience, specifically the first 18 hours from the orientation to their arrival at the Lighthouse Project.

They were reminded to continuously ask themselves, “What do you God want me to notice at this moment?” (We’ll see what God might reveal in those moments.) Also, they represent themselves, their families, their churches, CBOQ and ultimately Christ.

Getting up at 2:00 am and boarding a shuttle, they are clearing security at the time of this post in Terminal 3.

More to come as they make their way to Los Alcarizzos.

Update: At 11:37 am, the team landed safely at Santo Domingo, got their luggage and were in the process of clearing customs.

DR team at hotel