sunrise on the DR

Martin (Harmony): The energy from our group today was radiant, because for most of us, it was the first sleep in 24h! Today we were greeted with an amazing sunrise. You could see the vast mountain range in layers before you. As the rest of us got up, we were greeted with the smell of pancakes and sausages, and it tasted great! Personally, I was really surprised how the compound is so nice! They have a GIANT pool and three floors (and an accessible roof). We went to church, a little walled in building that has a lot of character. Later that afternoon, we went through the community walking, and accumulated a herd of kids asking for candy! As you walked through the community, you could sense closeness and calmness and I really enjoyed the people who take time to say hello! Even though these people aren’t living in the best standards according to us, they seem just as happy if not happier than us in Canada! I feel as if these people know that God is with them and that He will always provide.

Abby (Kingsway): Day two of our DR trip is now done, and we didn’t do a whole lot compared to the days to come. We had our church service this morning which was truly wonderful. Our team of around 50 people took up almost the whole church! The sermon was about how God frees us from our sins and everyone found it pretty interesting, I think anyway. Then we had some free time which included some pool time, napping and journaling. Then Felix led us in a community walk which I found super interesting, all the kids wanted candy from us and they kept coming back for more and more and more. Since today is the Sabbath, we didn’t have to work today (which was super nice for everyone). Tomorrow there’s  gonna be some actual work, which makes me happy.

learning about where we live
no mas!
smiling faces
shirt full of candy