This morning, we started our day with devotions on the rooftop of our residence – a nice cool breezy morning.

In the morning, Felix guided us through the area around the Lighthouse school. We briefly visited some local churches, satellite schools and neighbourhoods to familiarize ourselves both with the community’s history and its relationship to the Lighthouse.






After our community walk, we took time to prepare for our 2 community activities tentatively scheduled for Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon. Our team separated into one group overseeing crafts and the other group planning outdoor activities.


After lunch, we headed to Villa Altagracia. One major project is the construction of a trade school. Previous teams in the last few weeks began the work. We continued building some of the walls by shoveling sand and rocks, pouring in water and concrete mix, moving it to the nearby wall to lift up and continue solidifying the structure.





After having a full dinner and cleaning up, we spent some time in worship (led by Tom), a word from Scripture (led by Kylie) and time to reflect in small groups.

We look forward to tomorrow’s next God adventure.