This was our final day of work. We wanted to leave a positive impact in the communities we worked with.

As we returned back to Villa Altagracia, this time, we had a chance to walk around the community. Felix (a Lighthouse staff) shared some of the future plans they have in the area. We got to hear briefly about who lives in this particular neighbourhood. Then we completed a few more columns of cement mixing.

In the afternoon, we returned to the CBOQ school. This time, we were with students aged 7-10. We created crafts with them, played games like monkey-in-the-middle and freeze dance (after we figured out how to pair one of our devices with a Bluetooth speaker). There were plenty of laughs and memories made.

After dinner, Cristian (Director of the Lighthouse Project) took us to a local ice cream store to enjoy an evening treat.

Tomorrow, for our final full day, we get to explore the old city of Santo Domingo and to visit The Caves.