This morning (around 4:30 am), some of us were awakened by an earthquake located approx. 80 km away from us. It was very brief and there was no damage at all; some of our team members didn’t notice it.

Our morning brought us back to the CBOQ school. This time, the morning classes were there i.e. those ages approx. 4-6 and 11-13. We rotated through some crafts and outdoor games with them, bringing a culmination of laughter, excitement and lots of sweat.

In the afternoon, we returned to Villa Altagracia, this time to work on the first attention centre. Now, we were familiar with how the cement system worked and were in full swing. Cristian took time to explain how this facility will benefit the community and gave us a tour of what it will be like.

A couple of our team members needed one more day of rest and are doing much better now.

In our final work day tomorrow, we’ll do something similar, this time starting at Villa Altagracia in the morning and returning to the CBOQ school in the afternoon for the class of ages 7-10.