On our final day, we visited two different locations.

First, we visited the old city of Santo Domingo. We began with visiting Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, the oldest cathedral in the Americas. With reverence, we explored different areas of the main sanctuary. Afterwards, we had a chance to shop in the tourist area of the old city.

In the afternoon, we visited the 3 Eyes National Park. After many (many) steps up and down, we got to some majestic sights of the 3 lakes; however, when we crossed the river on a raft, we saw the 4th eye which was also used in a scene of Jurassic Park.

After arriving back from our adventures, we went on an impromptu visit of the old compound which is now being used the Child Evangelism Fellowship. For those who used it as our base camp in the “early days”, it brought some fond memories of our previous teams.

Another impromptu moment came upon our return, when we saw one of the local teams practicing volleyball. Some of our team members joined for a match. Who knows who won, but it was a great time of sports and new friendships.

Tonight, we begin the process of preparing for our return to Canada. Tomorrow, we’ll end off with a time of extended prayer. Hope to see you when we land in 1.5 days!