There was one key word that summarized our day: PAINT!

In the morning, we divided into 2 groups: one that joined a ESL class and another painting the interior and the washrooms for a satellite school (that was named after CBOQ).

In the afternoon, we continued painting, this time some metal storage unit that will be used in the Lighthouse compound itself. It may seem easy, but it was much harder than expected.

So far, these are the words our team articulated about their experience so far:

  • Abby: adventurous
  • Ben: perspective
  • Chris: insightful
  • Elijah: good
  • Ethan: eye-opener
  • Jasper: eventful
  • Kira: inspiring
  • Kylie: joyful
  • Lauren: interesting
  • Luke: unimaginable
  • Nat: meaningful
  • Sam: listening
  • Sydney: growth
  • Tom: “awesomesauce”

(If you’re wondering what that word meant to that person, feel free to ask them when we return.)